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Delve into our library of styles, and it will amaze you with its never-ending collection of picturesque designs. We have a style to match every single need of yours. Not only this, our windows and doors come with unparalleled benefits.

Conserve Natural Resources

uPVC have replaced wood all over the world as popular framing materials. The use of these materials eliminates dependence on wood which, in turn, helps in forest conservation. Therefore, TUSCAN products help to drastically cut down on the depletion of the world's most valuable natural resource i.e. wood.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

uPVC manufacturing requires low energy consumption. Additionally, TUSCAN’S uPVC doors and windows are extremely durable and resistant to warping, flaking, rust, etc. They do not need to be replaced frequently and fewer doors and windows need to be produced, all of which translates to a reduced carbon footprint.

Indoor Air-Quality

Excellent sealing keeps environmental pollutants like sound, dust and smoke out of home, thereby reducing the health hazards and improving the environmental quality inside the home.

Energy Saving Insulation

Tuscan windows and doors are made using uPVC which is a poor conductor of heat. uPVC windows and doors, designed with thermal break properties, are further fortified with double glazing or triple glazing solutions and air-tight seals to offer perfect insulation against the outside heat. This results in lower energy consumption and reduced air conditioning costs.